Do you or anyone you know Sing? How about play Drums or Guitar? Maybe Sing Worship Music?!!!

                  We are looking to add singers and musicians to our worship team!            

       We lead worship every Wednesday  night at 6 pm at the 

              Safe  you have talent and you want to share the gift God has given you with others please call Pastor Jack at 218-221-4636 or just stop in and see us! We  meet every Wednesday at the Ruth House @ 632 Grand Avenue, Superior, WI  54880

Free Dinner Starts at 5:00PM 

Music Worship and Small Group



Walking Victorious Wednesday Weekly Round Up & RUTH HOUSE

Every Wednesday at 5:00PM


Every Wednesday evening at 5:00 PM, Walking Victorious Ministries has a weekly meeting at the RUTH House Located at 632 Grand Avenue, Superior WI  54880

Our meetings are unlike others in the community! 

We start off with a free meal and fellowship.

Afterwards we transition to a Prayer and Praise gathering where we take prayer requests and also give thanks to the Father by sharing what he has done in our lives over the past week!

We follow that up with our live worship team singing 

and making beautiful music for our Father!! 

We conclude the meeting with small groups for Women and Men where you have the chance to really get in touch with yourself and also get to know others in the group. You will see and hear how God's hand has been moving in their lives and learn of their struggles and what they need prayer for. Its moving, personal and keeps us all focused on Him, from which all blessings flow!

There is MORE !!!



Please contact Pastor Jack at 218.221.4636

Pastor Dewey Basley @ 218.393.1090

Pastor Steve Foster @ 218.341.9149 

Chrissy Foster, Ministry Coordinator @ 218.409.3766 

to setup and schedule a pickup!

The Ruth House, located at 632 Grand Avenue, is a sober drop-in center, opened December 1st, 2018. The mission of the Ruth House is to support and strengthen the community by providing emergency daylight shelter and supportive services to people who are homeless or at-risk. We seek to do this by meeting our brothers and sisters where they are, without judgement, and to advocate for collaborative, locally driven solutions to end homelessness through Christ’

A little about us says a lot about Him.


Servants of the Father

Established in 2014 Walking Victorious Ministry, a 501c3 Non-Profit, started in the  Douglas County Jail under the Living Victorious umbrella. Walking Victorious is a street, jail and prison ministry dedicated to serving the community in several capacities, developing and continuously strengthening our walk with Jesus and demonstrating by our actions, the love the Father has for us as his children and serving those who have even less than we do ourselves.

Our primary work consists of  intensive interaction with those who are coming out of the addiction realm of this world. Douglas County and St.Louis County, MN, alone, rank in the highest when it comes to people who are addicted to Meth, Heroin, alcohol and opiates. Unfortunately, there are  very few organizations and even church bodies that engage these people and show them love, mercy and grace. We show people how just a little faith in Him can break any addiction, hurt, habit and hangup known to mankind.

Our  core consists of men and women who were once in that world, and through the power of our Father have overcome, defeated and rose above their addiction and are now successful in their careers and are truly, Walking Victoriously.

Walking Victorious Ministry Supports Companies that are Felony Friendly by supporting them with Engineering & Architectural Services for FREE who then in return offer employment opportunity to those who otherwise would not be presented the opportunity and give GOD ALL the GLORY. Serve GOD, Serve People! 


How the Father guides us

For those being released from Jail/Correctional institution we like to engage early prior to their release. This not only allows us to gauge the persons intentions but also to learn more about them,personally and learn of their goals and ambitions for their future.We may inquire about future goals, do they see any quitting of drugs upon their release and many other concerns addressing key areas of themselves and beliefs. Finally, through prayer and meditation, we decide on if they will be a fit for the ministry. If so, the walk begins. We step for step walk with individuals towards Jesus,towards a new life towards truth, towards light. We assist with finding housing, application processes, employment, the necessities needed to be as effective as possible in whatever position or situation they may encounter. The most important part of their success is determined by their faith. Truly believing that our Father never ends on a bad note and loves to flex his muscles. We have men and women currently who have been called to do many interesting and wonderful things by the father. Not only in their careers but their marriages, relationships with others and God. One of our most quoted saying in this ministry is, "God, Family, Job" 

Put GOD first

Family second

Job third

And watch how many doors open for you in all aspects of your life. This isn't just words on a page. This is Truth. Don't take my word for it....come see it for yourself

Jesus Doesn't Kick Cans Down The Road !   He Kicks Doors OPEN to all Those Willing to Pick Up Their Cross and Follow Him !    Speak Life... John:17


Serve others, Serve God, Speak Life

Our ministry is linked up with and have in depth relationships with many organizations not only in our geographical area but surrounding counties as well. We are commanded to serve those who have less then we do ourselves, and that in which we do, we do unto Him. Our ministry currently serves at the Salvation Army in many capacities including, food shelf/drives, kitchen serving,church services,music ministries and several other areas. 

We Serve CHUM Homeless Shelter in Duluth, MN. www.chumduluth.org


We work closely with Union Gospel Mission in Duluth where their primary focus is to serve the Hungary. Our ministry is on the serving board and the faces of hope throughout Duluth, MN. www.duluth-ugm.org

Exodus Road Human Trafficking Based out of Colorado is another ministry we support and participate connecting men/woman back with their family's. Safe house(s) Based out of Fargo, ND, Minneapolis, MN, Houghton, MI, Ashland, WI and One Soon to open March 2018 in Duluth, MN. https://theexodusroad.com/

Lighthouse Youth Center & Ministries based in Eau Claire, WI. www.lighthouseec.org


Hallelujiah to the Lamb of God

Community Calendar/Activities

FOR QUESTIONS CALL: (715) 392-2833


No upcoming events.

Partnerships and other Affiliations33


The Exodus Road

 Walking Victorious has been strategically selected by critical offices in Governmental capacities to assist and aid in recovery missions. The Exodus Road is a non-profit organization that specializes in staging rescues from alleged human trafficking, including raids of brothels and other sex work establishments.  

Today, they are a growing nonprofit which focuses on bringing strategic solutions to the counter-trafficking movement. Our primary focus, from the beginning, lies in fueling targeted interventions and rescues by providing funds, covert gear, technology, resources and staff to support local authorities in finding and freeing modern slaves. 




Contact Us

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Jack Swonger, Community Outreach Pastor



Pastor Dewey Basley

Cell 218.393.1090


Steve Foster, Lay Pastor 


Christyna Foster, Ministry Coordinator




Walking Victorious Ministry

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